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Lead stories

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Hidden Spaces

Oct. 5 PEO reprises tour of historical downtown buildings

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Belief factor still prevalent

After loss to Summit, Riverhawk veterans echo positive sentiments to the ‘process’

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Homecoming for Riverhawks

THE DALLES High School celebrated homecoming in style Friday, Sept. 26, with a traditional noise parade through downtown, pep rally and football game, where homecoming royalty were selected.

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Big science questions remain

Science has advanced in leaps and bounds over the last several centuries. Our knowledge about the cosmos, our planet and life on Earth increases almost daily.

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A Legacy for All to Enjoy

For a half-century the National Wilderness Preservation System has protected the forest primeval for all

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The privilege of telling stories

People, not issues, linger in memories of a long journalism career

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Editorial cartoons from Sept. 28

Editorial cartoons from Sept. 28, 2014

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Editorial: A link forged in a crucible

Members of the QLife board of directors served cupcakes at Sept. 22 The Dalles City Council meeting.

Letter to the editor: Park firing raises questions

To the editor: The recent termination of Northern Wasco County Parks & Recreation Director Scott Green leaves many questions.

Letter to the editor: Great cause

To the editor: One of my sisters passed away from ALS on Christmas Eve 1999. It was a most difficult journey for all of us, but my sister Charlene remained the best of troopers, better than any of the rest of us.



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Latest blogs

    Eye on the storm

    On bikes, boys and cameras

    My first camera was a simple, manual camera with a normal view, 55mm lens. It was cheap. I used it to photograph anything and everything. For a time I stuck with black and white film, and felt myself an artist. This bicycle is a good example of my work from ...

    Eye on the storm

    Corporate Ladders

    By the time I finished playing with this photograph, it bore such little resemblance to reality I decided to name it "Corporate Ladders" after that mythical instrument by which one is said to, by virtue of great effort and talent, improve one's career. Photo copyright Mark B. Gibson

    Eye on the storm

    On cows, boys and cameras

    I've been working recently on "A Rancher's Life," an ongoing series in the Chronicle, and as I listened to the bellowing cattle at a Maupin area ranch I was reminded of the very first roll of film I ever shot and developed. It was eighth grade, I was taking an ...

    Eye on the storm

    Gone mobile...

    I remember a newspaper cartoon I saw years ago, showing a "war correspondent" type photojournalist, rough and careworn, wearing a photo vest and holding out a tiny, goofy-looking cell phone. It was funny, the idea that someone with a cell phone could capture hard breaking news. I had it on ...

    Eye on the storm

    Happy hungry holidays!

    It's late November, and as food banks struggle to fill the gap created by a $5 billion monthly reduction in food stamps across the nation, the financial sector continues to swell and pulse under the stimulating hand of an $85 billion monthly handout, with stock markets reaching record highs and ...

    Eye on the storm

    Fall colors

    Leaves of a big leaf maple are brilliantly yellow along Mill Creek Road south of The Dalles, pictured here against the trunk of a ponderosa pine. Copyright Mark B. Gibson Big leaf maples are one of my favorite trees, with their, huge swooping buds in early spring, leafy umbrellas in ...