Letter to the Editor: M106 is pro-choice

To the editor: As a pro-choice advocate I strongly support measure 106. This measure changes Oregon’s law on tax-payer funded abortions to mirror federal law and that of most other states. While this will reduce the amount of public funding for abortions in Oregon, it does not ban abortions in any way. This measure should be supported by all pro-choice people because it ensures that everyone gets to choose, including those who don’t want to pay for abortions.

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Letter to the Editor: M105 is profiling

To the editor: Measure 105 can seem complicated. To be clear: Passage of 105 is about sanctioning racial profiling and discrimination. Passage of Measure 105 would be a cruel setback for efforts to defend civil rights in Oregon, a state which passed an anti-profiling law over 30 years ago with board support from both Democrats and Republicans.

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Letter to the Editor: M106 assaults rights

To the editor: The Supreme Court’s landmark Roe vs. Wade decision, affirming abortion as a constitutional right, should have been a firm foundation from which the fight for reproductive rights could move forward. Unfortunately, those needing abortions have been forced to defend their rights over and over again since 1973, as anti-abortion organizations and their political allies pass hundreds of laws, at the federal and state level, to restrict a person’s ability to access safe, legal abortion care. Ballot Measure 106 is yet another assault by the anti-abortion forces to chip away at the rights of Oregonians.

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Letter to the Editor: Walden’s arrogance

To the editor: Greg Walden, in an opinion piece in 2016 titled: “Speaking out for Rural Oregon,” lamented about the federal government’s overreach into eastern Oregon ranchers’ lives. He talked about “decades of frustration, arrogance and betrayal that has contributed to the mistrust of the federal government.” He talked about decades of his own frustration with the federal government’s treatment of rural Oregonians, and he talked of finding solutions to these issues. I would contend that it was all talk.

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Letter to the Editor: Jamie inspires trust

To the editor: On her one-woman whistle stop tour of the Second Congressional District, Jamie McLeod-Skinner has visited Maupin at least twice that I know of. I have taken time on both occasions to listen to her speak and answer questions from residents. I’ve found her to be both accessible and a very good listener. Her answers are thoughtful, logical, well-constructed and well-articulated.

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Letter to the Editor: 5G not the answer

To the editor: Rep. Greg Walden has repeatedly called 5G the coming solution to rural broadband Internet access, and implied that its impending deployment will be an example of him “working for US.” Like many in our district, I live well outside the reach of cable or fiber and will be grateful for a fast and affordable wireless solution. However, after looking into the details of 5G, I find Mr. Walden is selling us snake oil.

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Letter to the Editor: World War I facts

To the editor: Thank you for the story published in the Chronicle on Oct. 6 about our Veterans who served in World War I. It meant a lot to our family, as we had two great-uncles who served as part of the AEF (American Expeditionary Force) in France. However, let us be accurate in our reporting: the Central Powers whom we fought against consisted of Imperial Germany, Austria/Hungary Empire and the Ottoman Empire. The Entente powers consisted of England, France, Imperial Russia (not the Soviet Union), Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, Italy and Japan (Japan was on our side to gain territory by occupying German holdings in the far east.) The U.S. was neutral until it joined the Entente powers in 1917. [...]

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Letter to the Editor: Protect health care

To the editor: I have to laugh whenever I see Congressman Greg Walden’s billboards announcing that he is “working for us.” Walden chaired the House Committee that voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, including defunding Planned Parenthood. If his bill had passed, more than 400,000 low-income Oregonians would have lost their health care. I fail to see how that would have “worked for us.”

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Letter to the Editor: Vet’s vote for Darcy

To the editor: I am a disabled American Vietnam veteran and have been a veteran counselor for the past 30 years. I recently met Darcy and first thing I noticed is the fire in her eyes and passion in her belly reminding me of the hundreds of combat veterans I’ve counseled, who bravely put their lives on the line for our democracy and our patriotism. The first thing Darcy told me was that our community’s mental health is important. I like that.

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Letter to the Editor: Effects of new bond

To the editor: I have a fine new soapbox. I scavenged some wood I had around the house and painted it in a flaming plethora of colors with old paint tucked away in my garage. It’s very nice. Schools. Always a contentious issue if you are questioning the investment in them.

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Letter to the Editor: It’s time for change

To the editor: Jamie McLeod-Skinner is a voice we need in Washington to represent rural Oregon. Her stance on issues that are important to us needs to be heard. She understands that climate change is real! I don't know about you, but change needs to happen so we do not endure smoke seasons like the past few we have had.

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Letter to the Editor: Students need safety

To the editor: At the beginning this school year, I was assigned to teach chemistry at The Dalles High School. It could have been a nostalgic return to where I studied chemistry 44 years ago. But I remember the chemistry room to be a difficult place to study because we had to sit at lab tables with half of us facing away from the teacher. Now that I am teaching in the same room, I realize it is also an example of how our school buildings are too old to be considered safe.

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Letter to the Editor: Taxpayers have limit

To the editor: A 50-year tax bond measure is asking a lot of the property owners in The Dalles that will also affect future generations to come. I think probably most people can agree that some schools will need to be replaced or upgraded through the years. The original estimate in February 2017 was $161 million and now it is $235 million. A 50-year bond is a way of bypassing taxpayers to have any input into when a separate bond is needed for a new school or repairs to one.

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Letter to the Editor: Vote yes for schools

To the editor: As a candidate for mayor of the City of The Dalles, I am looking forward to serving this community with a positive attitude and vision for the future. I have several goals in mind to improve The Dalles, but my main, overall objective is to build a community that will attract and keep families, especially families with children. How does a community attract and keep young families? There are many factors but you start with excellent schools.

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The day I landed on Eisenhower’s desk

Editor’s note: Today, Oct. 14, marks the date of Dwight D. Eisenhower’s birthday. In tribute to his memory, the author thought it appropriate to examine the inner Ike — as opposed to the public figure.

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