Letters to the Editors

Letter to the Editor: In praise of solutions

To the editor: I am writing in full appreciation of the Dalles Housing Solutions Community Connect held last week. As an American Nomad of 25 plus years it is truly heart warming to see the gracious love given by certain people and communities around the country.

February 5, 2019 1:51 p.m. read more..

Letter to the Editor: Y.E.S. needs support

To the editor: The Youth Empowerment Shelter (Y.E.S. house) was forced to close their doors to the six youth currently staying there on Jan. 25 because they do not have a commercial-grade sprinkler system installed. These youth are at greater risk out on the street than living in a home without a commercial grade sprinkler system. One way you can help them out is by contacting the DHS Shelter Licensing office in Salem 503-373-2195 and telling them the Y.E.S. house is urgently needed — please hasten the process!

February 1, 2019 1:58 p.m. read more..

Letter to the Editor: Cruel and costly

To the editor: After the recent partial government shutdown, it should be clear that holding federal workers and contractors hostage because Congress and the president can’t reach a budget agreement is a cruel and costly way to govern. One of the chief responsibilities of Congress is to pass a budget. Congress needs to do the work it was elected to do and should be held accountable when it doesn’t.

February 1, 2019 1:57 p.m. read more..

Letter to the Editor: Railroad impacts

To the editor: On Jan. 25, a program about railroading in the Columbia Gorge was presented at the Discovery Center. A great many folks attended this event and there were many slides about railroads on both sides of the Columbia. There was no mention of the displacement of Native tribes caused by the railroad and in fact, only the final slide alluded to Natives at all.

January 29, 2019 1:35 p.m. read more..

Letter to the Editor: Donations helpful

Dear editor, Pointman Ministries of The Dalles would like to thank The Dalles Chronicle, the people of The Dalles and Wasco County residents for the generosity and their support in raising funds for the people of Paradise, Calif., victims of the devastating Camp Fire.

January 22, 2019 2:06 p.m. read more..

Letter to the Editor: Shutdown unfair

To the editor: I thought I could wait out the shutdown and not speak out, but with today’s campaign being announced to “send a brick to Nancy and Chuck” by [President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign], I cannot keep quiet any longer. I am directly affected by the government shutdown as a furloughed government employee. It is a humiliating and demeaning experience to be treated this way by any employer.

January 22, 2019 2:04 p.m. read more..

Letter to the Editor: Feel good bill

To the editor: SB 501 will make criminals out of hundreds of thousands of law abiding Oregonians. This “feel good” legislation originating with Portland students and introduced by Portland Democrats will do nothing to prevent people bent on violence from committing violence. Limiting ammunition purchases to 20 rounds per month is ridiculous.

January 18, 2019 2:20 p.m. read more..

Letter to the Editor: Political prognosis

To the editor: Since Democrats have won the House I have some predictions for the near future with no apology to anyone. Hang on to your hat—taxes will increase, social programs will expand and military spending will decrease. One constant harangue will be gun control; if successful, read loss of constitutional rights.

January 18, 2019 2:19 p.m. read more..

Letter to the Editor: Explanations due

To the editor, In case you missed it, Congressman Greg Walden has announced he will hold 16 town hall meetings around Oregon Congressional District 2, the first such events since April of 2017. In 2017 his press release said that he is “proud to hold regular town hall meetings in all 20 counties in our vast district. They are another great way for me to update my ‘to-do’ list to take back to the nation’s capital.” But after these meetings, where Walden expressed he was there to listen, Walden went into hiding.

January 15, 2019 1:43 p.m. read more..

Letter to the Editor: Workshop unhelpful

To the editor: To fulfill a federal requirement, the Mid-Columbia Housing Authority is offering a homebuyers’ workshop for thirty dollars. I took the homebuyers’ workshop last spring. In my experience the instructor did not have accurate information about the real estate market in Wasco County.

January 11, 2019 1:46 p.m. read more..

Letter to the Editor: Bully approach

To the editor: Finding common ground and compromise are very different. Compromise connotes partial surrender. More about finding common ground in another letter. Compromise is the bully approach. What belongs to the bully is his! What is yours is debatable.

January 11, 2019 1:45 p.m. read more..



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