Should pot stores be allowed in The Dalles?

Correct: Yes 282 votes


Correct: No 150 votes


432 total votes


steven_roden 3 years, 7 months ago

Being an employee of the dispensary in town, my livelihood, along with the livelihood of my coworkers and boss are dependent on the work we do. We love being here to serve the community, and we do our best to create a positive environment inside and outside our shop.

Shops or no shops, marijuana will continue to be a recreational, and medical, drug that people use often in The Dalles. Bottom line is that it isn't going anywhere. There's no better way to ensure it stays in responsible hands, than to keep it legal and regulated.

We want to keep it out of kids' hands, we want to ensure it's safe for consumption (through rigorous testing that details cannabinoid contents, and tests for pesticides, molds, mildews etc.), and we want people to have access to it when they need it.... out of the blackmarket, and off the streets. We want to take away the criminal element, and re-introduce marijuana as a normal part of our society, that adults 21 and over can use without fear.

Marijuana is not just recreational, but medical as well. More often than not, we hear customers telling us how they are using the flower for medical purposes, and if they could, would purchase their medical cards. However, due to the steep price of doctor recommendations, and sign up fees, many customers cannot afford to become "medical", and are left with no choice but to access the recreational market. If we take away their access, we force people to take more dangerous routes for pain relief such as doctor prescribed pain killers and opiates. Not only are these drugs more expensive, but they have been proven to cause severe damage to the bodies with extended use, and have created addicts out of people seeking relief. It is up to us as responsible and empathetic members of our community, to keep the market regulated, and keep it legal.

Lastly, marijuana being legalized in Oregon isn't a step towards regression of humanity, or a dumping of our moral code. Legalization is a step towards a freer man, and a freer life. It's about breaking down our misconceptions of a plant, brought on through years of corporate propaganda, driven primarily through the legitimizing of deplorable research, conducted decades ago, by entities that would benefit from it's prohibition. It's about creating a supply for a product that has been in demand since the times of ancient China, and will continue to be in demand, whether it is legal or not. Why allow it to thrive under the watch of the criminal black market?

The dangers of marijuana lie solely in our refusal to understand it, and our refusal to accept it.


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