Do you support deportation of illegal immigrants?

Correct: Yes 86 votes


Correct: No 123 votes


209 total votes


kittyP 2 years, 6 months ago

This is incredibly irresponsible journalism. Who's idea was it to take such a complex issue and reduce it to such simplistic terms? Was this poll drafted by your high school intern? It would be one thing if the deportations were being handled legally and with proper authority, but we've seen rouge CBP demanding ID's from ALL passengers as they exit a domestic flight. First, CBP has no authority to regulate domestic travel. Second, if as they say they were looking for a specific suspect, they had a description, they could've accessed the flight records, they had no business trampling on everyone's rights. We are being reduced to a police state. This morning I read that ICE agents were standing at the entrance of a Mexican bakery, asking all customers to show their ID. This upset patrons, drove away business and eventually they closed early. Again, this is illegal. Even in Stop and ID states, officers need reasonable suspicion to ask for ID, and ICE / CBP has no jurisdiction beyond the border zones. It is not even required by law for everyone to carry ID. Know your rights. If you're asked to present ID, yoru response should be, "am I being detained? am I free to go?" If you are free to go, you do not have to respond to questions or produce documents. Go on about your day. If anyone comes to your door, you do not need to open it or produce any documents without a signed search warrant. Ask if they have a warrant. If they say yes, ask them to slip it under the door - make sure it is real and signed by a judge before you open your door. We are hearing stories of harassment of countless LEGAL citizens and resident, victims of racial profiling who are being detained, sometimes for hours, sometimes for days - people with papers, with birth certificates. I'm not sure if this is due to inexperienced CBP officers, but it proves that more than just criminal, undocumented immigrants are getting swept up in the detention and harassment is not acceptable. So back to your question... it is really not that simple, is it?


WendySchaefer 2 years, 6 months ago

Before the election of 2016, there were millions of people living and working and raising families in the United States who did not have proper authorization to live and work here, but there was no public outcry. We were getting along. instead there were statements made about a need for "immigration reform", discussion around the fact that children of these immigrants are American citizens because they were born here. Think about that: How can you tell a young person who was born here, schooled here, and who knows no other home that he is "illegal" or "not entitled to be an American citizen because his parents did not have immigration papers? Deportation is something to be exercised as a last resort: For the few really bad guys, the US does not have to pay for their incarceration. Otherwise, these other deportations are the creation of a fabricated crisis for political gain, and being carried out with cruelty intended, because civil rights are being wantonly infringed as this proceeds.


torkntoo 2 years, 5 months ago

I believe if you are not legally in this country and haven't tried to become legal than deportation is something you should not be afraid of. I know lots of people that have paid lots and lots of money to be able to stay in this country and work. They have waited years to become citizens, jumping through all the hoops and why should we support those who don't want to become legal.


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